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Underground Hardware: A Cyberpunk Podcast – Volume One

by Cyberpunks Staff

Underground Hardware: A Cyberpunk Podcast

Underground Hardware is a 90-minute, cyberpunk podcast from the underbelly of the Megalopolis. Playing underground electronic music from the past, present and future of various genres with that gritty but futuristic cyberpunk vibe — whether that’s Synthwave, Jazz, Ambient, Digital Hardcore, Electro, Breakcore, Techno, Dub, Industrial, Drum N Bass, Vaporwave, Glitch, Instrumental Hip Hop, Breakbeat, etc. — as long as it has that “vibe,” it will go on the playlist.

The cyberpunk podcast also features interviews conducted with Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk-inspired indie film makers and underground music producers. If you are an artist and you love that Blade Runner/Ghost In The Shell/Altered Carbon/Akira/ Neuromancer/Burning Chrome/2077 vibe like the rest of us, then please contact Neon Vandal with something suitable to spin.

Underground Hardware: A Cyberpunk Podcast - Volume One

Underground Hardware – Episode One

In this opening episode of Underground Hardware, an interview with the Croatian directors of the multi award winning, Blade Runner inspired film, “Slice Of Life”, where they discuss how they made the film using mostly practical effects, and miniatures. Also awesome underground music from JK/47, Synaptyx, Vector Seven, Human Factor, Gergely Buttinger, Irving Force, 4EST and Neon Vandal.

Artist Links*

Slice Of Life (Movie)

JK/47: ZION, The Red King & CASE

Synaptyx: Undercity Part II: The Souk

Irving Force: Sewer Wars 

Vector Seven: Shirakawa Type 3 & Militech

Gergely Buttinger: Chiba City Blues

Human Factor: Kyoto Blade Runner 

4EST: Error 404 

Neon Vandal: Decadent Dreams: Main Titles & Megumi's Garden 

*All music used by written permission of the artists directly

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