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Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

by David Rutland
Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

Sex robots are the future, so David Rutland has a fireside chat with an up-and-coming bedroom developer.

Why bother with Tindering, Grindr-ing and dating when it’s easier (and potentially cheaper) to order a willing and compliant non-sentient silicone alternative?

Barry doesn’t want to give us his real name. We’re not even sure that Barry is actually male. Although, the evidence pushes the balance of probability in that direction. We’re 100% sure that Barry’s actual name isn’t Barry, but we need to call him something.

Barry makes the best sex robots ever.

Things didn’t start out that way. Barry aspired to make the world a better place. He envisioned a society where the elderly are supported by companion bots. He saw a world where lifelike synths give singing lessons to human children, and the robo-ceptionist who greets you at the front desk of a hotel functions as your event host, waiter and security guard.

The Wix-powered website, recently created, proudly lists potential uses of Barry’s Lux Botics robots, but that’s not how we found about him or his company. We discovered Barry and his amazing robots because of a thoughtful comment left on a different sex robots article on this very site.

Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

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Sex Robots Move in the Right Direction

These days, it’s all about the sex bots for Barry, who we’re 90% positive is based in Sweden. Dive into the Lux Botics sparsely populated YouTube channel, and you’ll see concept videos of clean, white arm-bots with gripper tools, which can descend from overhead to plump up your pillows and tuck in your sheets. But these are a side show. So far as we can tell, he hasn’t made any real progress towards the helper bots, the speech tutors for children or the cybernetic ‘pandemic assistants’, Whatever they may be.

Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

The models from which the molds will be cast.

However, the sex robots are showing definite promise. Barry has actual powered prototypes which move and thrust backwards. He has a realistic skin for his flagship model, Stephanie, to convince you of her authenticity. Everything is moving in the right direction.

The main idea was from the beginning to make service robots of the realistic type, but already from the start, I knew sex robots are a potentially big market. Also, they’re easier to do at first.

Barry has a point. We wouldn’t know where to start if we decided to create a singing tutor, a home security bot or a receptionist. A sex robot has limited behavior. And although it would be nice to own a doll with the ability to make us a cup of tea afterwards, we think that most people would settle for the basics.

Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

Maybe not quite this basic

Realistic Sexual Robot

Barry is all about the details and approximating the realistic experience of being with a woman, rather than simply thrusting away into a motorized fleshlight.

We’ll admit that what you’re seeing in the GIF above may not seem particularly impressive. We’d go so far as to say it’s actually pretty horrific. But Barry has put a huge amount of time, effort and thought into making the ultimate in realistic movement, along with the sensations which go along with it.

The structure is based on the human skeleton, and Barry boasts of a new and mysterious type of unmotorised ‘smart joint.’ He won’t tell us what it is, but is keen to go into details about the most important part of his new best friend.

We have developed a vagina that can squeeze and relax which makes it more alive during the action and allows for it to orgasm.The vagina also has sensors that feel if something is entering, which direction (in or out), and at what speed. With this data, the robot can move accordingly depending on which mode it is in. For example, is she is in active but submissive mode then she will thrust back when the man thrusts in and vice versa. If he speeds up, she speeds up. So he is in control, but she is active. If the man wants to be passive, she is put into the dominant mode and she will move but not so far as he comes out. She will return when the vagina sensors sense that the penis is only activating the entrance sensor.

Color us impressed. Even more impressive is that the machine is clearly running on the couch in Barry’s living room. He confirmed to us that while initial development did take place in a domestic environment, Lux Botics is now in the process of moving to a workshop.

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Love Machines — At Home with a Sex Robot Engineer

This could be you

3D Scans Turn Sex Robots into Deceased Loved Ones

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Lux Botics experience is the option to have a walking, talking sex robot based on whoever you want, provided you can provide a 3D scan of their body and face. A more expensive option would to be to have a version based of photographs.

If a man loses his wife,if she passes away or something, the man can send a photo of his wife to us and we can have our 3D modelers make a look-alike. And yes, just like any sex robot you could have sex with the body double.

But why stop at one robot sex doll of your dead spouse? Why not order two and have a threesome? Or order more and call it an orgy? Surely curtain-twitching neighbours would notice an endless train of supposedly deceased naked ladies in a writhing, thrusting pile on the laminate flooring.

The noise from these purposefully vocal bots would doubtless have passers-by calling 911.

Sounds is optional. Yes, we can do that. We can have Bluetooth moaning to the headset, so the user hears moaning but not neighbors.


Barry also suggests that people might want to order dolls of themselves for more savory reasons than as a receptacle for reproductive fluids.

Body doubles are not only for sex dolls. Maybe a celebrity wants to have a body double robot as a decoy for paparazzi.

From this, we’re taking two points. You can have a sex doll made of yourself and that celebrities will eventually be available. It’s also a reminder of Barry’s original aim to have robots performing useful functions in society.

So far as we can tell, the main benefit of having a real human sexual partner over one of Lux Botics‘ robots is that a real person will regularly take themselves off for a bath or shower rather than accumulating spent genetic material like a old sock in a teenager’s bedroom. Also, lugging a human sized mass of rubber and electronics into the tub is almost guaranteed to have the police paying a visit to check on your loved ones’ welfare.

There are two types of genitalia for female sex robots. One is a fixed vagina as in a real woman. These need to be flushed thoroughly. The second is a vagina insert. The vagina has a bigger cavity. A vagina sleeve is inserted into the larger cavity. The vagina sleeve is taken out after sex. The vagina sleeve is easily cleaned. We use this latter approach.

That’s good to know, Barry. Good to know.

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