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We love ideas!  The bigger the better.

Are you dying to tell the world about your DIY science project, your software gore, your internet history lesson or your favorite cyberpunk anime series?  Pitch us something you’re into — we’re open minded!

Try to keep it cyber.  Try to keep it punk.


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The Formula

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with what we publish is to . . . familiarize yourself with what we usually publish.

Once you’ve poked around a little, you’re probably going to notice that we’re going to leave cyberpunk open to your interpretation. If we miss the mark with an article, just let us know. Even better, send us a critical response and we’ll publish it also!  How about that?  Balance!

We like to think of our personal recipe as follows:

  • CyberPunks 80/20:
    20% of our websites focus should be, literally, about Cyberpunk and its surrounding media. The other 80% of our content should be commentary on ”real life” as it pertains to themes discussed within cyberpunk culture.
  • Topics Include:
    Copyright, DIY, internet, sci-fi, movies, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, devices, gadgets, computers, literature, art, hacking, music, 3d printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Genetics, dystopia, Net Neutrality
  • The Voice of the Literal Cyberpunk:
    Gritty, casual, disillusioned, sophisticated, experienced, activism & advocacy, hacker revolutionary, jaded, “woke,” hustler, noir, paranoia, high-tech, lowlife, underdog, simulated reality, desensitized
  • The Voice of
    Casual, experienced, computers, high-tech activism & advocacy, revolutionary, “woke”, hustler, geek, gadgets, paranoia, high-tech, underdog, hacker, maker, DIY, educated, private, gamer, science-fiction

Have An Idea For An Article?

  • Reviewers
    • Want to read books before they’re released?  For free? We get lots of requests from great writers hoping for publicity and coverage, and it’s really hard to find time to read them all!  We’re always looking for volunteers to read and review these new works from independent writers of speculative fiction.
  • Current Events
    • If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly trawling the internet for news about technology and our current dystopia.  You’re probably a proficient consumer of media, likely in the 90th-percentile. Maybe you have subject matter expertise.  Let us know the truth about what we’re being told!
  • Articles & Essays
    • We’d love to hear your unique perspective or to live vicariously through your exclusive anecdote. Is your startup about to change the world?  Have you written the greatest novel the world will ever read?  Does your mom think you have special powers? Maybe you can explain to us which Blade Runner cut is the best?  Just drop us a line.

Short Stories & Original Fiction

We’re always on the lookout for new and upcoming authors to feature on our website.  Our intention is to publish an ongoing anthology series, in which we can showcase emerging talent.

Submissions should be in the dystopian/speculative science-fiction (read: CYBERPUNK) genre.  While we are not genre purists, we’d prefer to not wade through a lot of irrelevant submissions.  Please know that if you ever send us a short story, we’ll be sure to send you the occasional newsletter about our goings-on, so if you’re a vampire romance writer who doesn’t want constant cyberpunk updates, you may want to just pound sand (into silicon).

If the work you are submitting has been published elsewhere, even on your personal site or social media feeds, then please let us know at time of submission.

We believe that creative work should be rewarded. We pay approximately $0.05/word for most articles & stories that we publish in print or on the web. Repeat submissions (and payments) may warrant additional paperwork due to tax implications.

If selected, we expect to publish your work using a non-exclusive license, which means you can go and sell it elsewhere.

Guest Posting and Promotions

If you’re an author, editor, publisher, agent, marketer, pr-person, guru, maven, ninja or otherwise, please just get in touch.  We’d love to hear what you’re up to, and while we can’t publish everything we get sent, we’ll try our best to make it work in both our favor! You’ll definitely get points for relevance, passion and coherence!  Bonus points for cool or edge.