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You’ve Gotta See The Matrix Revolutions – Essential Cyberpunk Cinema

by Cory De La Guardia
You've Gotta See The Matrix Revolutions - Essential Cyberpunk Cinema

The Final Installment of The Matrix Trilogy

From a hacker chasing the white rabbit to being a savior of all humankind, The Matrix Revolutions completes the modern action fairy tale. Combining new film technologies with new filmmaking techniques, Lilly and Lana Wachowski finished their amazing feat with The Matrix Revolutions. The exciting wrap-up of the crazy mind warping movie that makes everyone question reality, The Matrix franchise turned regular déjà vu into a glitch. Why haven’t you seen The Matrix Revolutions yet?

Neo VS Agent Smith- Final Showdown in The Matrix

One of the coolest things about this whole trilogy is the return of great looking super powers in movies. They made it believable that Neo (Keanu Reeves) can fly, dodge bullets or stop them all together. The Wachowskis created countless new ways to integrate special effects into the shooting of the movie. They made it just downright realistic looking when Keanu crouches down and then takes off into the air.

This is never more obvious than when Neo and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) have their massive clash to save the world for both machines and humans. They go flying through the air, soaring through clouds and smashing through buildings. Realistically, this is the movie that showed Hollywood superheroes could return to the big screen in a visually realistic way. Gone are the days of horrible animated computer generated pixels and painted screens. Now are the days of beautiful digitally manipulated super fights in the sky as a storm rages all around them. Seriously, this fight still looks great.

For Zion, Mech Suits and Robots Just Can’t Get Along

The war between man and machine has come to its climax as the octopus looking sentinels are tunneling their way towards the buried city of Zion, home of the human revolution. The humans are facing an extinction level event and are left with no choice but to fight. They bust out badass giant mech-tanks. They are seriously some of the coolest mechs in all of film, behind only Avatar as far as the best looking, coolest war mechs in all of film. 

The Army of Zion Stand Off Against the Machines in The Matrix Revolutions
The Army of Zion Stand Off Against the Machines in The Matrix Revolutions

The human army loads shopping cart crates of bullets and blast robo-squids of death with two giant machine gun hands. It’s one of the coolest and most intense fights in the whole trilogy and there isn’t a Neo sighting in the whole thing. It’s just a dramatic, knuckle blasting fight between humans and robots.

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Apparently, Neo’s Super Powers Are Transferable from The Matrix to the Real World

In the climax of The Matrix Revolutions, while Zion is in a crazy battle for survival and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) plays a crazy scheme of his own, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and a blinded Neo head to Machine City to end this once and for all.

As they fly towards a certain doom, they encounter an army of security machines designed to protect the mainframe from any sort of human interference. Even though he was blinded, Neo can still see the source code. He navigates Trinity around each and every machine. In the end, he is able to telepathically explode all machines. They crash, killing Trinity one last time. Yes, one last time. She died in the last one and Neo resurrected her like Lazarus. 

This all sounds normal if they were in the Matrix, but they aren’t. They are in the real world. That’s how much the prophecy was spot on. Neo’s powers and abilities work in a different reality. It’s like if Superman went back to Krypton and was revealed to still have super powers. Like, woa!

Neo Breaks the Wheel and The Matrix is Changed

So for those who have never seen these movies at all, Neo discovered in The Matrix Reloaded  that The Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) is the AI in charge of the Matrix. He has allowed the previous iterations of the One to restart the human resistance over and over again after selective cullings, essentially extending a Machine victory over humanity through all of the foreseeable future. But Neo has found another path. 

Thanks to the virus that is Agent Smith, Neo is able to negotiate a new peace deal between man and machine. Neo will have to defeat Agent Smith and purge his presence from the Matrix. In doing this, Neo has done something that was prophesied almost from the beginning. He sets humanity free.

After the fighting, The Oracle (Mary Alice) and The Architect sit down for a friendly chat were everything is explained. Although he seems slightly bummed, the Architect explains how humanity is safe for now. Anyone who wants to leave the Matrix can leave. The Oracle, possibly knowing that this may or ma not be temporary, accepts peace. She has a hopeful look as she talks to a young program who asks her if Neo did was the one who did this for everybody.

From the crazy revelation that Neo can see the source code in all realities to the stunning scene of an army of Agent Smiths standing over a fallen Neo in a crater in the middle of downtown, The Matrix Revolutions pushes the nerd button over and over again.. The absolute battle between man and machine has an unforeseen outcome. The set a new status quo which is atypical of most action movies. Usually, it’s bing-bang-boom with the bad guy dead and the heroes rule. But the story of The Matrix ends with peace. It ends with balance. that is a thing worth seeing. 

Well, at least it did. Now that The Matrix 4 has been announced for a December 2021 release date, we’ll see exactly how long peace can last in the Matrix.

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