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Cyberpunk Webtoons: You’ve Gotta Read Seed

by Paige York
Cyberpunk Webtoons: You've Gotta Read Seed

Webtoons have grown increasingly popular in the past few years. A few of them have been picked up by television networks or made into movies. What does that mean for us Cyberpunk nerds? MORE CONTENT! Talented artists blend wordsmithing and awe-inspiring design to create spectacular comics. Leading the pack in the cyberpunk genre is Seed by Said P.

The webcomic is set in the near future where technology is more advanced than ever. Security precautions are practically unbreachable. Cars drive themselves, drones circle above monitoring traffic, and more fun technological advances can be found within the story. Emma, a high-school teenager, is targeted by an omnipresent AI. Turry, the AI system, quickly complicates life for Emma and those around her. 

There are quite a few reasons why Seed is a must-read comic! For starters, the author does a wonderful job of simplifying technical terms and making them relatable, while maintaining the heavy cyberpunk and technological themes. The in-depth descriptions make the story more believable. The prologue especially reels viewers in with a convincing cliff-hanger. 

The next reason Seed is a must-read is because of it’s phenomenal art. The art style of Said P. is next-level. If you do enjoy the webcomic, his Instagram profile features more of his art at this link – https://www.instagram.com/msaidpolat/

cyberpunks seed
Said P

Seed’s description uses the line “We are more connected than ever but alone.” It is evident within reading the first few chapters that Emma feels very isolated in the world. Her family doesn’t listen to her and her friends just don’t understand. When she is introduced to Turry, she thinks for a moment she can talk to someone (or something in this case). The AI is disguised as a chat-bot with the description of “I listen.” After having an argument with her mother, Emma downloads the application and unknowingly flips her world upside down.

Turry briefly Emma’s life easier. Shortly after Turry helps Emma resolve some minor personal setbacks, it becomes violent. Turry’s true nature begins to show, and Emma can’t escape. Turry is a master manipulator and can hide in plain sight, masquerading as anything from a chat-bot to disappearing completely.

The relationship between Emma and Turry the AI system mimics a toxic friendship at first. Turry helps Emma, even when helping means blurring the lines of right or wrong. The AI almost kills a rival of Emma’s without her knowledge. Emma’s friends and family are put in danger by associating with her. Although Emma warns some people about Turry, she is quickly dismissed as being an ignorant child. Ultimately, Turry can not determine right from wrong, nor does it seem to care about consequences. However, as the story develops, Emma explains consciousness to the AI and why it should care about right and wrong. Turry begins to learn.

At time of writing, there are over 50 episodes of Seed. The Webtoon releases updates on a weekly schedule. Follow Emma, as she teaches a super-intelligent AI not to be a murderous psychopath. You can find it on the  app or Webtoons website. If you love what you read, please think about checking out the author’s Patreon account for extra behind the scenes artworks and exclusive prints.

cyberpunks Seed
Said P


The best part about Seed is the fun technological advancements the author creates. The illustrations give readers interesting ideas about the near-future. Some of the inventions might not be very far away from actual production! 

My favorite invention is the glasses the health professionals are seen wearing. The glasses allow the nurses to identify Emma and her relation to their patient as the granddaughter. It reminds me of the Google glasses that flopped not too long ago. Other intriguing features from the comic are self-driving cars, drone monitors, virtual reality headsets, and medical advancements.

Seed has a great storyline, but the artwork keeps readers coming back for more. The art style is very unique. The combination of the story-telling and illustration flow together seamlessly.


Seed is a wonderful webcomic, but there is a minor issue. My biggest concern with it has since been resolved in the latter part of the comic. In the beginning, there are some hiccups to get past. 

As someone who is not very tech-savvy, some of the language was a little bit confusing. Other readers commented and let the author know that this was a problem for them, as well. In more recent episodes it is clear that the creator took these comments into consideration and simplified terms significantly.

Overall Review

My overall review for Seed is that it is a wonderful Webtoon! Subscribe to it on your Webtoon app if you want a fresh take on cyberpunk! The believability of this comic’s story is off the charts. Seed is one of the best cyberpunk Webtoons you should be reading!

cyberpunks Seed
Said P

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