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Carly Chaikin Reveals Mr. Robot Season 4 Updates

by Laura Herbek
Darlene Alderson

In a welcome early Valentine’s Day surprise for Mr. Robot enthusiasts, Carly Chaikin (Darlene Alderson) tweeted an invitation to fans on Sunday afternoon:

A few hours later, viewers were treated to an Instagram live video featuring Chaikin’s commentary during her preparatory rewatch of the Mr. Robot Season 3 finale. Chaikin also shared as new information about the highly anticipated upcoming final season of the show.

Interesting tidbits about Carly and the behind-the-scenes world of Mr. Robot:

  • Carly’s knees were bruised after she was shoved against a wall multiple times by Omar Metwally (Agent Santiago) while filming the Season 3 finale.
  • Carly paused the episode to say, “Angela is one of the most underrated characters. . . She is. . . my favorite. . . Portia is so beyond talented. . . It’s, like, crazy to wrap your head around. And, I think sometimes when you watch something and someone’s so good at playing a character, you don’t realize how much talent it takes to play a character that genuinely and believably. But, the place that she goes to this season is. . . so crazy. Like, the fact that she can pull it off the way she does is insane.”
  • The barn scene in the Season 3 finale was filmed at a location approximately one hour outside New York. Carly was extremely ill during filming with a fever and a sinus infection. She’s also allergic to hay, which was unfortunately plentiful in the barn. A doctor had to be called to the set for Carly. This, on top of her grandfather’s recent death and the emotional trauma of the scene, made this sequence very difficult to film. Carly shared that “My entire body. . . every inch of me was sweating while we were filming this scene.”
  • A quick swivel away from the television screen divulged that Carly was snacking on raspberries during the live event.
  • Carly mentioned how much she loves Irving, and that she would totally read his book.
  • All cast members were shocked by the revelation that Angela Moss is Phillip Price’s daughter. Carly called Michael Cristofer (Price) “a fucking incredible actor.”
  • Grace Gummer (Dom DiPierro) affected Carly so dramatically during Dom and Darlene’s post-barn confrontation that Carly actually cried.
  • According to Carly, all cast members on the set of Mr. Robot are constantly worried that Sam Esmail will kill their characters off.
  • Episodes generally take eight or nine days to film.
  • Since Carly quit smoking, she no longer smokes real cigarettes as Darlene.
  • Reddit “really confuses” Carly.
  • In a post-episode Q&A session, Carly identified Season 1, Episode 8 as the most challenging episode to deliver, specifically the scene in which Elliot tries to kiss Darlene and subsequently realizes she is his sister. Carly admitted that she was nervous the big reveal would be corny or inauthentic.

What we learned about the upcoming season:

  • Carly has read scripts for episodes 1-7 and has deemed them “prettyyy, pretty good guys.” She assured fans that they will be pleased with the final season, noting that she texted Sam Esmail to ask how he came up with extraordinary aspects of the scripts. Despite multiple viewer requests for spoilers, Carly did not reveal any information about events or developments to come.
  • Shooting for Season 4 will begin in approximately two and a half weeks.

Also revealed this week: casting has officially begun for Season 4 of Mr. Robot, which is expected to film through August. Casting directors are looking for actors to play “intimidating Chinese men” (go figure).

You can watch a recorded version of Chaikin’s Instagram live event here:

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