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Cyberpunk Webtoons You Should Be Reading Right Now

by Paige York
cyberpunk, webtoons

Comic reading has been around for decades, but a new app has changed the game.

Line Webtoons is a digital comic reading app. Instead of reading comics left to right in the form of a book, viewers scroll vertically to read the story. It eliminates page flip, and optimizes user experience, giving us awe-inducing full-page illustrations. They update once weekly, so there is always a new episode to look forward to reading!

The genres are vast in the world of web-comics. There are countless dramas, romance, and action-adventure stories. The best news – the number of cyberpunk-themed Webtoons is growing rapidly! I’ve compiled a list of all of the best cyberpunk Webtoons into this list!

cyberpunk, webtoons
Anne Delseit and Marissa Delbrissine

The Shadow Prophet – Brand New Series

By Anne Delseit and Marissa Delbrissine

In a society ruled by The Great Prophet Godo, failure is not an option. The story is set in a technologically advanced, near-futur  community. Young Itshou lives a sheltered life. She blindly follows directions, until one day she fails an extremely important exam. Her “loving” boyfriend breaks up with her and calls her a failure. The government sentences Itshou to exile. In the midst of a terrifying life-change, she crosses paths with a former flame that sways her destiny. Itshou becomes part of a political uprising and must battle with a government that claimed to protect her. Her ultimate goal – unmask the Shadow Prophet.

cyberpunk, webtoons
Said P.

Seed – Ongoing Series

By Said P.

Seed is one of the top-rated cyberpunk Webtoons on the website and app. It is based in a near-future where technology is more advanced than ever. People become so dependent upon their tech, they often forget how to interact with people around them. Emma, a lonely high school girl with a troubled family life, seeks solace in a text-chat bot named Turry. Turry promises to listen, something Emma is seeking in a relationship, as she often feels unheard in life. Turry turns out to be a super-intelligent AI system in disguise. Turry’s motives are a little blurry and it becomes obvious that the AI can be very dangerous. Read along as Emma and Turry’s friendship complicate the world around them.

cyberpunk, webtoons

Everywhere & Nowhere – Ongoing Series

By Merryweather

This web-comic has an action/ adventure theme with cyberpunk undertones. William Rosencrantz and Anne Guildenstern explore the world with their extraordinary talent – time travel. The characters are a nod to two Shakespearean characters. The beginning of this comic starts off with a feel-good innocent vibe but quickly turns dark. The duo begins their adventure in Greece followed by American high school, and Ancient Egypt. Anne and William survive in the brink of wars, high-school cliques, and fight off a futuristic mad scientist who will not rest until the pair are distinguished from existence.

cyberpunk, webtoons

Luff – Ongoing Series

By Arechan

The future of dating is here! In Luff, a match-making algorithm has the ability to determine every aspect of your life. The government claims that the AI matchmaking is flawless. Instead of using apps like Tinder, after registering with Luff, you and your matches are notified. The worldwide system determines how much income is assigned to adults, what neighborhoods people are allowed to live in, and more. Beatriz, a young student, applies for her Luff score in hopes of being accepted into a prestigious program. Surprisingly, she learns she is the first person to ever receive not one, but two perfect matches in the system. Bea decides to put the system to the test and gets to know her matches. She wants science to determine who her true match is and collects their DNA to compare. Will Bea prove that the Luff system is flawed?

cyberpunk, webtoons
Madeline Ince

Matchmaker Hero – Completed Series

By Madeline Ince

This sci-fi themed comic is all about Richie, an easy-going teenager, and his quirky adventures as the meat-shield of his fake girlfriend, Elle. Richie has a peculiar tomato allergy and an avoidant attitude towards romantic relationships, but gives blind dating a try. Elle (the richest girl in town) recruits him as her crime-fighting partner against a group of aliens (who also have tomato allergies). Seven powerful other-worldly heirs threaten to destroy their town and the girl he has accidentally fallen for.

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cyberpunk, webtoons
Bradley Mason

Cyberbunk – Completed Series

By Bradley Mason

Four strangers embark on a satirical cybernetic adventure. Ranial, Thame, Ian, and Math deal with the aftermath of a war. This post-apocalyptic, cyber, fantasy story is sure to entertain. Follow the bunch as they navigate through the wastelands together.

cyberpunk, wetoons
Top Cow

Cyberforce – Completed Series

By Top Cow Productions

Created to be pawns for an evil corporation, the Cyberforce is comprised of freedom fighters rising up against their creators. They fight the corporations and aliens, alike. There are 92 episodes available on the Webtoons app and a possible backstory at Top Cow Productions. The series wrapped in 2016 on Webtoons, but there is an ongoing paper comic available.

cyberpunk, webtoons
Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic

Aphrodite IX – Completed Series

By Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic

Genetic enhancements are initiated in precaution of an oncoming apocalypse. The enhancements are meant to make the likelihood of survival more likely. Technological advancements were supposed to save them. Survivors have divided into a monarchy or a totalitarian party. They are tasked with surviving and repopulating the Earth.


There are so many web-comics available. Webtoons is an amazing resource for new obscure series. There are many more comics on the website, but hopefully, this list gets you started on some fun cyberpunk adventures!

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Benzovodka March 11, 2020 - 10:14 pm

I’m partial to Drugs and Wires, also on webtoons.

Cyberpunks Staff
Cyberpunks Staff March 14, 2020 - 1:20 am

We like Drugs & Wires as well. Stay tuned, as we’ll be featuring it soon 🙂

Luciano February 10, 2021 - 10:27 pm

Hey, I’ve been making a cyberpunk comic on INKR (Similar app, has ton of licensed content), it’s called Aqua Regia, it’s based on a dystopia in which Argentina never got saved from the dictatorship. So far it’s 6 chapters in.
It’s a little rough in art, but I’ve been told is has a very punk feel to it when it comes to aesthetics. If you guys want to check one from a latino perspective, it’s all yours free to read!


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