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We Played The Ghostrunner Demo, And So Can You!

by Alex Woods
We Played Ghostrunner - Ghostrunner Demo - Ghostrunner Game - Cyberpunk Video Game - CyberPunks.com

Without any warning except for some cryptic posts on their Twitter, Ghostrunner — the OTHER cyberpunk, wall-running, time-bending, slasher video game we’ve all been drooling over — just dropped their demo on Steam (for free!).  But you’d better pick it up quick, as it’s only available until May 13th. For more details, check out the Ghostrunner website.

The Introduction Makes A Great First Impression

Ghostrunner starts with a beautifully done introductory video of you, the titular “ghost runner” with a lightsaber-style katana Cyber-sword and a full mech-looking body including a closed helmet. Who are you exactly? We don’t know. All we know is you run fast and mortally slash all in your way.

The short video also demonstrates the types of moves you’ll be making once in-game, such as wall-running, big leaps and dashing forward in the air to slash enemies, and some sort of “bullet-time” dodge ability (in mid-air).

Ascend humanity’s last remaining shelter, a great tower-city. The tower is torn by violence, poverty and chaos. Conquer your enemies, discover the secrets of the superstructure and your own origin and obtain the power to challenge The Keymaster.

Ghostrunner Game Description

This Is Fan Service, So Please Stop And Smell The Roses

While some people finished the demo in approximately four minutes, I spent a little more time to take in the environment and appreciate the little cyberpunk details.  It took me about twenty minutes my first playthrough!  It’s not every day that you get to really walk around in an immersive, cyberpunk environment rendered in 3D.  (Editor’s Note: Not yet at least)

For the die-hard cyberpunk, it’s worth strolling through the game environment to look at the ads and posters plastered everywhere, and THEN go back and run through it as quick as possible. Otherwise, you’ll blow past the fan service at ~20 miles an hour, since the environment blurs ever so slightly at speed, making it even harder to take in the atmosphere.

Speaking of fan service, I’m happy to report that Ghostrunner has a great synthwave soundtrack.

Great Gameplay Mechanics & Wall-Running Action

If you liked Dishonored but wanted more action . . . if you like Mirror’s Edge and pretending to parkour . . . then Ghostrunner’s first-person, hack-and-slash, bullet-time, cyberpunk wall-runner may be for you!  If you can’t play the demo, or maybe you missed it (sorry!), then check out the release trailer to see the goods!

Recognizable Cyberpunk Inspiration

Ghostrunner certainly wears its cyberpunk inspirations with pride, as lead designer and producer, Radoslaw Ratusznik, admits:

We obviously drew from several works of pop culture; for example, similarities in the life of a society living in a closed off area can be found in, among others, the movie Snowpiercer. The idea of a superstructure in which everyone lives was depicted really well in Dredd, while the notion of being a savior and the “bullet time” effect may remind you of The Matrix. There will definitely be more references and similarities to other works in the final product.

Radoslaw Ratusznik
We Played Ghostrunner - Ghostrunner Demo - Ghostrunner Game - Cyberpunk Video Game - CyberPunks.com

Let’s Not Forget The Story

Set in the future after a global cataclysm, the remains of humanity live in a tower built by The Architect, who died mysteriously some years ago. In this world, a person’s worth is only determined by the number of implants they have. However, these implants are given at birth, and they also determine which social group they will belong to.

You play as a cyber-warrior who is capable of fighting both in the real and virtual worlds, something incredibly rare in this dystopian future. Your mission: to ascend the tower to take out the despotic ruler called The Keymaster while uncovering more about yourself and the tower itself.

The story itself is a classic story of revenge, redemption, and antiheroism, along with class conflict and transhumanism — all common tropes in Western Cyberpunk.

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Portions of the article above previously appeared on the website, Cyberpunk Matrix. 
They appear here with permission of their original author.

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