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Time-Traveler Noah Speaks to CyberPunks.com

by Leah Zitter
Time Traveler Noah

It seems like Time-Traveler Noah had taken his long trip home to the year 2030 A.D. at least 41 times by the time CyberPunks.com reached him.  Noah had agreed to an interview and then there was silence – likely because he was afraid of his government catching him.

“They wanted to snare me,” he told us, which is why he uses technology to blur his face and distort his voice. An alternate reason could be that he’s under hypnosis to stifle memories of that submarine trip that left him stranded in Nevada in the summer of 2017.

My Backstory — According to Noah, The Time Traveler

In the year 2025, Noah was a well-behaved teenager who was singled out because of his smarts. An example:

“Two men with shaved heads, clad in black tuxedos, came for me; I was blindfolded, and taken on a long ride, to a location deep in the desert of Nevada.   They told me I was involved in undercover project – I had no choice. I couldn’t even tell my parents”

Noah was led through double doors to an enormous underground room, with glass panels mounted everywhere…it was a time machine, buzzing with wall-to-wall power generators. People were walking around and seated behind computers. Noah was put with a group of five recruits, and, during the following months, trained to time-travel backwards eight years.

Nowadays, those who afford it time-travel for recreational purposes. Then, as now, select people time travel to areas and times on Government business.  

During one of Noah’s surveillance missions, he videoed Las Vegas from a camera hidden in his hoodie. The government fired him. Much later, he told ApexTV:

“That January or February, it seemed like a normal mission. Two people promised they’d bring me back to 2030. We first went to 2020, where I was able to record a video of Las Vegas. I was then slammed for being a traitor to my country – because I went back earlier and talked about the future. My goal now is to tell people about my experience. I have evidence to show: books; a video of cars flying in Nevada. This is what gives me purpose because I can tell humanity what to change.”

The 10 Most Important Events 2020-2030, According to Time Traveler Noah

The next 11 years are going to be far from boring. You and your descendants will hopefully survive the following:

  1. World War III – brought about by feuding South Korea and North Korea. After a short period of peace, they will go to war, bringing in 20 other nations, including the US. This Third World War will be fiercer than its predecessors. You’ll be lucky to survive.
  2. Aliens – They’ll live in the suburbs. You may meet them as you shop or walk down the streets. Donald Trump meets one in 2021 (“It was private; not recorded”). Dignitaries confer with them in talks closed to the public (“the TV simply announces, for example, “The Queen of England is now talking to aliens”). They’re ashy-skinned but otherwise look like you and I, and are just as smart. The trends of the day – music, films, dances, fashion and so forth – revolve around these new inhabitants.
  3. Global warming – The skies are going to be ruddy. The heat will be insufferable. Human faces will blur because of radiation. Sea levels will rise by 2030 to unprecedented levels.  Governments plan solutions, as they mine asteroids for resources.
  4. Flying cars – Japan will introduce flying cars first. Some big cities in northern Mexico will launch them by 2030. They look like white-tailed eels flying through the skies. Aviation engineers have designed GPS technology to control them. Flying cars carry children to school, old women to doctors, and transport mail from door to door, among other routine tasks. Airbnb has its own team.
  5. Majestic skyscrapers – The buildings will be taller, have more glass, they’ll be glossier than those of today. Think of those gaudy storefronts and massive skyscrapers in Blade Runner, duplicated many times over.
  6. A slightly altered English – with its own language from gaming. Some words: “Ur” – when you talk to someone; “ave” when you’re talking to two, or more, people; “dots”,  when you give an opinion on someone. Most words will be shortened.
  7. The US President of 2030 will be Yolanda Renee King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King. Sworn in at 21, she will be America’s youngest President.

As to the rest, people will be more aggressive and deliberately impolite, but there’ll be no racism. Britain will rejoin the EU. The US will ban free speech. We’ll live 2-3 years longer than we do now.

Noah’s favorite year was 2021: “It was surreal”.

Noah passed a lie detector test, and is slated to undergo hypnosis to convince skeptical viewers. It may free up more of his past – or should we say future?

Noah would love to talk to you at @noahtimetravel. You can also visit him at his YouTube channel, where he recently demonstrated his time machine.

Send him Cyberpunks’ regards!

Hey, chum. These posts don't write themselves. If you wanna stay in the know, it's gotta be a two way street.*

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Anakin Mortensen March 27, 2020 - 2:03 pm

That Youtube Channel Doesn’t Exist…. I Checked Even, More Intriguing,

Tammy November 27, 2020 - 1:00 pm

This obviously has nothing to do with the lord Jesus Christ but science maybe fiction?
I found it very interesting Trump being reinstated because prophets said God said it is his will that he will or has called him.Aliens? I prophesied dreams and visions. God told me the deadly air in china two years ago and Guam’s illness.
He showed me for those who choose to look away will fall into a black pit like matches in a matchbook. So many events yet to be revealed on Gods time.
But the covid is nuclear air that is why it is hard to breath. The vaccine I believe is also radioactive.as stated viruses mutate.
Covid could be a number of things but mostly man messing with ecosystem. China mutating mosquito, murder Hornets all with nuclear medicine reacting in horrifying consequences.
As for this young man time traveling, a
Couple years ago I saw a purple rainbow flower entering the atmospere. ..ozone. I’m not knowledgeable about the layers. But I did see it and I knew in my 6th sense it was time traveler.
Everything is possible with God, nothing without. Who are we to even try to gain his vast knowledge or question it.
Please know the most important thing in time or no time is where our soul and the thing is we are sinners. Jesus died for us as we sinned and still sin.we believe in him and what he has done for us, our fathers divine love.Do not look away but to him. Science doesnt save our souls Jesus Christ does.


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