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Cyberpunk Timeline

  • Transreal Cyberpunk

    Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling

    Transreal Cyberpunk

  • Elysium


    Matt Damon earns his cyberpunk stripes in this one.    The poor get their hands on an exoskeleton suit and go after the upper class, who live in a space station far above a ruined Earth.    Neil Blomkamp directs.

  • Ready Player One

    Written by Ernest Cline in 2011, it was further adapted to film by Steven Spielberg in 2018.

    Ready Player One

  • Makers

    Cory Doctorow

    It’s so good.  3d printers printing 3d printers and open source rebellion vs Disneylandish greed in a back and forth that spans decades of shenanigans.  Even Elmo makes an appearance. It’s like 8 bucks on Amazon.  Worth it. Personal recommendation.


  • The Windup Girl

    Paolo Bacigalupi

    The Windup Girl

  • Black Glass

    John Shirley

    Black Glass

  • Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology

    James Patrick Kelly (Editor), John Kessel (Editor)

    Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology

  • Spook Country

    William Gibson

    Spook Country

  • Pattern Recognition

    William Gibson

    Pattern Recognition

  • The Ultimate Cyberpunk

    Pat Cadigan (Editor)

    The Ultimate Cyberpunk

  • Altered Carbon

    Richard K. Morgan

    Altered Carbon

  • The Lone Gunmen Premiers

    One of the most well-noted spin-offs no one remembers.

    The Lone Gunmen Premiers

  • Cryptonomicon

    Neal Stephenson

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

    All of sudden, people are trying to bend spoons and dodge bullets.

  • Idoru

    William Gibson

  • The Net

    The Net


  • Interface

    Neal Stephenson

  • Virtual Light

    William Gibson

  • Wired

    First Issue published in March/April of 1993.

  • Mondo 2000: A User’s Guide to the New Edge

    Rudy Rucker, R. U. Sirius, Quenn Mu

  • Snow Crash

    Neal Stephenson

  • Synners

    Pat Cadigan

  • The Difference Engine

    William Gibson, Bruce Sterling

  • Storming The Reality Studio

    Larry McCaffery (Editor)

  • Eclipse Corona

    John Shirley

  • Cyberpunk

    Wild documentary about the cyberpunk movement. Includes William Gibson, Vernon Reid, Jaron Lanier and Timothy Leary.

  • Semiotext(e) SF

    Rudy Rucker (Editor)

  • Crystal Express

    Bruce Sterling

  • A Fire In The Sun

    George Alec Effinger

  • Mondo 2000

    R. U. Sirius (Editor)

  • Mona Lisa Overdrive

    William Gibson

  • Eclipse Penumbra

    John Shirley

  • Islands In The Net

    Bruce Sterling

  • Wetware

    Rudy Rucker

  • Reality Hackers

    R. U. Sirius (Editor)

  • When Gravity Fails

    George Alec Effinger

  • Hardwired

    Walter Jon Williams

  • Count Zero

    William Gibson

  • Phrack

    Taran King (Editor)

  • Schismatrix

    Bruce Sterling

  • Eclipse

    John Shirley

  • Whole Earth Review

    Stewart Brand (Editor)

  • Frontera

    Lewis Shiner

  • Neuromancer

    William Gibson

  • Software

    Rudy Rucker

  • The Artificial Kid

    Bruce Sterling

  • Crash

    J.G. Ballard

  • Gravity’s Rainbow

    Thomas Pynchon

  • Ubik

    Phillip K. Dick

  • Whole Earth Catalog

    Stewart Brand (Editor)

  • The Crying of Lot 49

    Thomas Pynchon

  • Nova Express

    William S. Burroughs

  • V.

    Thomas Pynchon

  • A Clockwork Orange

    Anthony Burgess

    Bezoomny book is bezoomny!

  • Naked Lunch

    William S. Burroughs

    Naked Lunch

  • The Minority Report

    Phillip K. Dick.

    Published by Fantastic Universe

  • Fahrenheit 451

    Ray Bradbury

    Fahrenheit 451

  • 1984

    George Orwell

  • Brave New World

    Aldous Huxley

    Written in 1931 and published in 1932.  Set in the London of AD 2540.

  • American Telephone & Telegraph founded

    I would type a nice tidbit here, but I don’t have any service in this area.

  • Albert Einstein Is Born

    Born in the nation state of Baden-Württemberg, located in southwest Germany. Not bad for a genius.

  • Alexander Graham Bell Patents Telephone

    Did you know he was Scottish? Good luck dealing with that accent over the phone.

  • First Telegram sent by Samuel Morse

    The telegram read “A patient waiter is no loser.”

  • Issac Newton Born

    Fell out at birth and discovered gravity on the way down.

  • Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    Before this, the bulk of British data mining was everyone remembering old Monty Python bits.

  • Net Neutrality Regulations Go Into Effect

    Free and open, not just the appearance of it.

  • The Guardian Releases NSA Domestic Spying Rules

    The first rule of NSA domestic spying: you don’t discuss NSA domestic spying.

  • Bitcoin Market Cap Exceeds $1 Billion

    That’s a lot not-money to have.

  • James Clapper Lies to Congress Re: NSA Surveillance

    Hey barely looks up when he speaks:

  • NSA Begins Eavesdropping on Skype

    Most of Skype is still people confirming times for conference calls. Good luck with that NSA!

  • Analog TV Broadcasts Cease in U.S.

    PSA’s were shown to encourage all households who had not switched to digital converter boxes to do so.

  • Pirate Bay Trial Ends with Guilty Verdict

    1 year in prison and hefty fine for the founders.

  • iPhone is Released

    Now you know what to do with your hands at awkward dinner parties.

  • Pirate Bay Raided

    Pirate Bay claimed the MPAA influenced the government to stage the raid.

  • Western Union discontinues telegraph service

    So ya, you could have sent a telegraph about the launch of Youtube. But you didn’t, did you?

  • Real ID Act Enacted

    Not to be confused with the Fake ID act of senior year.

  • Google Goes Public

    All information is public. It used to be a good idea.

  • Mozilla Foundation Established

    AOL-Time Warner Disbands Netscape

  • Initial Release of Tor

    The Onion Router – anonymous communication.

  • Apple OS X is released

    Second-most used OS after Windows.

  • Wikipedia launches

    Helping procrastinating middle-schoolers write term papers for their European history class.

  • Kevin Mitnick is released from prison after five years

    Currently runs a cyber security consulting firm.

  • Boing Boing relaunches as weblog

    Really missed an opportunity to sell trampolines online.

  • Dow Jones Exceeds 10,000

    That’s good, right?

  • Google.com Domain is Registered

    Believe it or not, we didn’t Google this fact….Okay, we did.

  • First Machine Beats World Champion at Chess

    The smack talk afterwards was well calculated.

  • Windows 95 Is Released

    First appearance of the “start” button.

  • Sun Microsystems Announces Java 1.0

    Update followed about 11 minutes after launch.

  • WikiWikiWeb – Web’s First Wiki – Is Published

    Originally used to talk about software design patterns.

  • First Pentium Processor Released

    Dum dum dum duuuum! (you read that in the correct melody).

  • Kevin Mitnick is Captured

    First in a long line of hacker journalists.

  • Windows 3.0 Released

    The world was blessed with Paintbrush.

  • First person convicted under Computer Fraud & Abuse Act

    Previously, computer crimes was categorized as “mail fraud”.

  • Soviet Union launches Mir Space Station

    Assembled in space, the station served as a microgravity research lab for the Soviet Union.

  • First Issue of 2600 Magazine is published

    AKA The Hacker Quarterly, it is still mostly reader-submitted articles.

  • Sun Microsystems founded

    One of the original computer companies no one remembers.

  • Chaos Computer Club founded

    Sees itself as an “intergalactic” community of hackers. In other words, no borders.

  • IBM Personal Computer Is Released

    Very popular due to the possibility of third party add-ons and applications.

  • Three Mile Island Incident

    Partial meltdown. Full blown news coverage.

  • Apple II Computer is Introduced at West Coast Computer Faire

    First personal computer. The logo is a unicorn for vintage t-shirt enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Skylab Launched – First U.S. Space Station

    Skylab Was operational for 24 weeks and in orbit for over 6 years.

  • Atari is Founded

    More than 2600 reasons it’s a classic.

  • Yuri Gagarin is first person in outer space

    In Soviet Russia, space explores you!

  • Integrated Circuit Invented

    It’s not the size of the circuit board, it’s how you fuse it.

  • LEGO brick patented

    Before this, the bricks were like cheap electric tape: nothing stuck together.

  • Steve Jobs is Born

    Pick his greatest accomplishment: Apple or Pixar?

  • Columbia Records Announces The 33 1/3 Record

    Claimed to be invented for full orchestral movements, but we all know it’s because of Floyd’s “Darkside”.

  • IBM Founded

    Originally manufactured tabulating machines, time recorders and large scales.

  • George Orwell is born.

    Birth name is Eric Arthur Blair

  • M.C. Escher Was Born

    Nobody could figure out if he was born upstairs or downstairs. The geography wasn’t clear.

  • Aldous Huxley Born

    Brave New World indeed.

  • Nikola Tesla is Born

    Responsible for alternating current, mad scientist-like inventions, and (allegedly) testing Tom Edison’s espionage tactics.

  • Difference Engine Proposed By Charles Babbage

    Basically a big calculator with gears and columns. Good luck typing BOOBS on that.

  • NSAs PRISM Program Revealed by The Guardian

    Executives from high tech companies claim never to have heard of the program they were helping.

  • “Genesis Block” for Bitcoin created

    Not the Phil Collins solo album. It’s extremely more important than that.

  • First Pirate Party founded in Sweden

    Not what you’re thinking, but I like your style.

  • Facebook is Founded

    Freakin’ Harvard. Thanks a lot.

  • World Economic Forum Is Hacked

    Believed to be done in protest. No malicious action was taken by the hackers.

  • Hotmail Launches

    Still in use and still used for all the emails you don’t want to actually see.

  • Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace Released

    Written by the same guy who co-wrote “The Music Never Stopped” for the Grateful Dead.

  • Communications Decency Act Signed Into Law

    Mostly known for regulating porn. Also stated how providers do not have same legal responsibilities as publishers.

  • Telecommunications Act of 1996 signed into law

    First bill to reference the internet in broadcast terms.

  • World Wide Web Project Announced on Usenet by Tim Berners Lee

    Without this, the internet would have stayed just a series of tubes.

  • PGP Is Released

    You figure the program would be better than pretty good by now.

  • Philips introduces the Compact Disc (CD)

    What a wonderful technology no one cares about anymore!

  • Apple Computer Is Established

    One of the best garage bands ever.

  • Microsoft Founded 1975

    Original idea was to build a BASIC interpreter for the Altair 8800 Microcomputer.

  • First Cellular Phone Call

    It was a call about your car’s extended warranty.

  • Sealand declares itself a “Sovereign Principality”

    Originally a pirate radio station, its sovereignty is still not recognized.

  • Stephen Hawking Born

    So I guess a Brief History of Time would include his birth.

  • Voice Is Transmitted Across the Atlantic Via Radio Link

    From New York City to London, connection took roughly 30 seconds before the conversation could begin.

  • Man Gains Control of Fire

    Many experts estimate that man began controlling fire around this time.  Then he chased all the animals away, poisoned the planet and spoiled it for the rest of us.

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